Second Term Examination Timetable Kerala Teachers Eligibility Test NOTIFICATION November 2017.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Govt Orders 01-01-2011 to 30-06-2011

30-06-2011Joseph Mundassery Award 2011-12 for teachers
29-06-2011Circular about Medical Camp for CWSN 2011-12
29-06-2011Details about Change of School and Combination
29-06-2011Higher Secondary - Vacancy details for change of School & Combination
28-06-2011House Building Advance-Online registration from 01/07/2011 to 02/08/2011
28-06-2011Updated Pay fixation Software with Arrear Bill Facility(Govinda Prasad, Clerk, TSNMHSS Kundurkunnu)
27-06-2011IEDC-Utilization of previous year's balance kept at offices- Instructions
26-06-2011Banning Special/ Festival fees from pupils up to std VIII : DPI's Circular - Government order
26-06-2011Pay Revision 2004 : Sanctioning of HM (HG) to High School Head Masters, who had enjoyed notional fixation in the post of HSA Senior/Selection Grade up to 28-2-2006; Clarifications
25-06-2011Governer's speech in Niyamasabha
25-06-2011SSLC 2012 : Application form for Main Answer Book, Additional paper and CV Form
24-06-2011DPI Circular about Sanskrit Council formation
23-06-2011DPI's Circular on ICT Trainings for 2011-2012
21-06-2011Instruction to Principals-Third & SC/ST Special
21-06-2011Application for out of turn promotion as HM/AEO from Tamil/Kannada knowing HSA's
21-06-2011SSLC (PCN) Revaluation Results - 2011
21-06-2011SSLC Scrutiny Results - 2011
20-06-2011SCPTA-Enhancing Pedagogy Skills for Teacher Trainers, 15-26 August 2011
20-06-2011Colombo Plan Training course on Professional Program for Secondary Science and Mathematics Education, 19 September-7 October 2011, Penang, Malaysia
20-06-2011Arabic Teachers Examination 2011 - Result
20-06-2011DLED - Hindi Revaluation Result 2011
18-06-2011Pre- Matric Scholarship Scheme 2010-11 - Beneficiaries List-I : Freshers List - Renewal List - Beneficiaries List-II
17-06-2011Issuing of State NOC to CBSE / ICSE Schools Gen Edn 10-06-2011
17-06-2011Inculcate scholarship scheme 2011-12 for students of Std VIII in Govt & Aided school - Application form
17-06-2011Price for STD X & STD IX (ICT only) Hand books
16-06-2011Promotion and postings in the cadre of HMs/AEOs
16-06-2011SSLC Revaluation Results - 2011 Second Spell
15-06-2011Scholarship scheme for IED Students-circular
15-06-2011Vidyaramgam Sahithya vedi 2011-12 :  Formation - Competitions
15-06-2011Sports 2011-12 & Athletic Fund
15-06-2011Application invited for Resource teacher (IEDSS) 2011-12'
13-06-2011SSLC PCN SAY 2011 - Results
13-06-2011Posting, Promotion, Transfer of ADPI, DDE's,DEO's
13-06-2011SSLC : Ensuring the age limit for the promotion to Std 10
13-06-2011Pre-metric minority scholarship - 2011-2012 - More Information
12-06-2011HSE SECOND ALLOTMENT- Instructions to Principals
11-06-2011DPI : Clarification regarding salary of protected teachers
10-06-2011Notification for Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course
10-06-2011HSE : Fresh Applications from SC/ST students- Instructions to Principals
08-06-2011Sixth working day consolidation Calculator for AEO offices, prepared by Vinoy Chandran.R, AEO office, Kannur North
08-06-2011Text Book Urgent : Circular - Format
08-06-2011Appointment of Clerk/Typist/Attender/Peon staff in LP/UP Language Teacher Post-Orders issued
07-06-2011Rate of Interest and Terms & Conditions Revised for the loans advanced by the State Government
07-06-2011ALEVEL Notification - 2011
07-06-2011DLED Application and Circular - 2011
07-06-2011THSLC SAY Result - 2011
07-06-2011First Allotment Instructions to Principals
06-05-2011DPI Circular : Instructions about the Noon Meal program for the year 2011-12
06-05-2011Government order about the power to put signature for the certificate of swimming
06-05-2011GO about Normalizing Grades CBSE
06-05-2011Government order : Plus One Admission to CBSE/ICSE Students
06-05-2011HSE : Single window : Application Form - Prospectus 2011(Eng.ver)
05-06-2011HSE Admission : Government order about Admission Register
05-06-2011HSE Admission : Form For Higher Option Deletion
05-06-2011HSE Admission: Admission Proforma for Schools
04-06-2011TTC Old Scheme Results - 2011
04-06-2011TTC Revaluation Form - 2011
04-06-2011STD X ICT Resources : Mathematics | Physics | Chemistry | Biology
03-06-2011THSLC Revaluation Results - 2011
02-06-2011One Day Verification 2011-12 : General Instructions - form for Schools - Directions to the Verification officers - Excel format
02-06-2011RMSA Circular about the utilization of grant issued for Govt Schools - Proforma
02-06-2011SCERT : Archival collection of Text books
02-06-2011Activities of Access Guidance
02-06-2011Technical schools are included in the Mid day Meal Scheme
02-06-2011Diploma Examination in Language Education (DLED) Hindi, Arabic, Urdu July-2011
02-06-2011Kerala Government Fine Arts Certificate Examination (KGCE) in Fine Arts Result- January 2011
31-05-2011Pre-Matric Scholarship 2011-12 : Instructions regarding application-Press Report - Notification - Application Form
31-05-2011Directions about sixth working day report
31-05-2011DPI circular about the Girls' safety in schools
31-05-2011Supply of Toilet soaps to all Educational institutions
30-05-2011SSLC SAY Exam Results announced
28-05-2011Rectification of Anomalies in the Pay Revision Order-Instructions issued
27-05-2011DPI Circular : Haritha Keralam Project 2011-2012 & Application form for the requirement of seeding in School
27-05-2011Plus one - Sports/Management/Community Quota Admissions-Instructions
26-05-2011SSLC Re-valuation Results March-2011
26-05-2011Plus one Trial Allotment : Format for correction - Instructions to : Students - Principals
25-05-2011RTE Act Gazette G.O (P) No 1002011 G.Edn Dt 30-04-2011 - About Teacher Eligibility Test
25-05-2011Entrance Rank list : Online Submission of marks of Qualifying Examination for preparation of Engineering/Medical Rank list
23-05-2011DPI Circular about Muslim/Nadar/Anglo indian/OBC/forward communities scholarship 2011-12 - Requirement statement for Various scholarship 2011-12
23-05-2011Plus Two Say Exam-2011 centres and attached schools
21-05-2011DPI Circular about the Implementation of Malayalam in Education department
21-05-2011DPI Circular : using school children for the functions; prohibited
21-05-2011Purchase of book named 'Community Policing' for Govt. School library
21-05-2011RMSA Sanction of new posts in newly upgraded schools
19-05-2011Inter district transfer of Govt.School teachers/HSAs/PDT's/Language Teachers/Specialist Teachers on compassionate ground list: Notification - Districtwise List
19-05-2011Recognition to service organizations of Teachers - conducting of Referendum - Orders issued
16-05-2011National Means Cum Merit Scholarship 2011-12 Examination Results
16-05-2011Guidlines on the mode of writing examination for students of unrecognised schools which opt admission to Govt/Aided/Recognised schools- Orders issued
16-05-2011Updated Pay fixation Software (Shijoy Thalakkotoor)
16-05-2011Higher Secondary Admission 2011 - IED Reference No.-clarifications
16-05-2011LD clerk exam and Subject teacher training - DPI's letter endorsing
15-05-2011SPARK Pay Revision Updation Help from it@school, Idukki
12-05-2011ADMISSION TO STD. XI IN THE TECHNICAL HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOLS UNDER IHRD 2011 – 2012 : Notification | ProspectusApplication
12-05-2011House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees; Extension of time
11-05-2011Special SAY & PCN Blank Hall ticket SSLC - 2011
10-05-2011Govt Order : Learning of Malayalam compulsory in schools
09-05-2011A Patch for the slow running of Biology Resources by Hakeem Mash Read Me
09-05-2011Standard X : Text book price
07-05-2011Departmental Test 2011 - Notification
07-05-2011Circular No.25/2011/Fin Dated 06/05/2011 Authorisation for effecting payment of Dearness Relief to pensioners
07-05-2011G.O (P) No. 210/2011/Fin dated 06/05/2011 Erratum to the Govt.Order on DA/DR
07-05-2011Transfer- Circular on Hill area weightage reg
06-05-2011Proceedings For Inter District Teacher Transfer (2010 - 2011)
06-05-2011Circular about starting classes in newly upgraded schools
05-05-2011Finance dept.Clarification on TA Bills of Govt. Officers
05-05-2011Casual Sweepers' remuneration enhanced
04-05-2011Revised Distribution schedule- Chirag Laptop to Teachers
04-05-2011SAY - 2011 Notification : SSLC THSLC - Hearing Impaired
04-05-2011Public Services-Appointment of Employees on Daily Wages-Enhancement of Daily Wages in respect of various categories
04-05-2011Plus one admission : Last Rank details-2010 Instructions
03-05-2011Help Desk for Plus one admission - List of Guidance team
01-05-2011GO(P) No.195/2011/(1)/Fin Dated 28/04/2011 Anomaly rectification- Reckoning of prior service for weightage-modified orders issued
01-05-2011A Useful File for the Openoffice Calc Users (C.P Abdul Hakeem, Malappuram)
29-04-2011An important information reg. pay revision in SPARK
29-04-2011Recognised unaided schools-salary revised
28-04-2011DRG Training from 2nd May- DPI Circular with Venues
28-04-2011SSLC - 2011 Revaluation Circular
28-04-2011Ranked List of candidates for appointment to rhe post of office assistant under IHRD
27-04-2011Laptop Distribution to Teachers : Wipro - Chirag
26-04-2011Spark - DA Arrear Preparation Tips
26-04-2011Circular on approval of IGNOU BEd reg.
26-04-2011Exemption from minimum Effective strength 2009-2010
26-04-2011Revised Pay Fixation Program for School Staff (Narendran. C V, B E M P H S S, Thalesserry.)
21-04-2011Teachers' Hand Book of ICT 9th Class (Draft)
20-04-2011Pay Revision 2009 – Circular Instructions from the AG
20-04-2011Statement form for Pay fixation | Option form (Official)
20-04-2011Provisional List of HM/AEO (Published on 18-04-2011)
20-04-2011Re-Valuation result-First year imp exam Sept,2010
19-04-2011Press release on SSLC Result through SMS by it@school
17-04-2011Much awaited Laptop Distribution to Teachers - WIPRO
12-04-2011Early disbursement of April's Salary G.O(P)No.184/2011/Fin dated 12/04/2011
12-04-20116% DA Order G.O (P) No. 180/2011/Fin dated 11/04/2011
12-04-2011Pay Revision Order-Directions issued to Heads of Departments
11-04-2011Norms for promotion for standard 1 to 9
11-04-2011Annual Examination Time Table for the Muslim Schools
11-04-2011Promotion List program in Open office Calc: Standard VIII | Standard IX (Narendran.C V, BEMP HSS Thalassery)
08-04-2011North Zone Math IX QP | Answer Key (Suresh Sir, GHSS Thirurangadi)
07-04-2011Re-attachment of District Co-ordinators and Master Trainers - it@school project - Proceedings of DPI
07-04-2011CR Required in the cadre of Junior Superintendents in the promotion of Senior Superintendents
07-04-2011CR Required in the cadre of HSAs for departmental promotion Commitee(Lower)2011
06-04-2011Pay fixation Software (Shijoy Thalakkottur)
06-04-2011Complaint Committee Against Sexual Harassment
06-04-2011Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of women at workplace bill (Draft)
06-04-2011Construction of buildings to Anganwadi centres in the premisis of Government educational Institution
06-04-2011Application for postal Ballot
06-04-2011Hand book for Presiding Officer-2009
06-04-2011Check list for presiding officer-2009
06-04-2011EVM - Electronic Voting Machine (Details) - PowerPoint Presentation
06-04-2011A Guide for voters
05-04-20113% reservation in appointment for physically handicapped candidates in Companies/Corporation/ Boards-orders issued
05-04-2011STD X & IX (IT only)- Change in Text book-Gazette Notification
04-04-2011Pension - Revision of Pension/Family Pension in respect of employees consequent on revision of pay scales from 01/07/2009 - Modification - Orders issued.
04-04-2011Aided schools clerk - exempted from Departmental test
02-04-2011DIET- Deputation of district programme officers to SSA-reversion to parent department -orders issued
02-04-2011TTC Course Notification and application formGovt & Aided TTC - Unaided TTC
31-03-2011Updated Pay Revision Order G.O/(P) No. 85/2011/Fin dated, 26/02/2011
30-03-2011Retirement on superannuation of gazetted ministerial officers
30-03-2011Charge arrangement-Full additional charge-gazetted teaching staff I -orders issued
30-03-2011Primary schools-Seniority of school teachers on retrenchment -clarification issued
30-03-2011Assurance of anti-ragging committee in schools- Circular
29-03-2011Loans and Advances sanctioned to state Government Employees - Recovery during April 2011 postponed
29-03-2011Kerala Police Act-2010 (Malayalam version)
29-03-2011Old circular about the misuse of official vehicle - 41/2008 Dated 02-08-2008
29-03-2011Circular for public about BPL Survey-2009 Time schedule for registration of complaints
27-03-2011IT@School Circular about Std IX ICT Training
26-03-2011Camp Certificate to be Produced before Camp Officers by Examiners SSLC - 2011
26-03-2011Higher secondary : Seat matrix verification for Admission 2011-2012
26-03-2011Directions about LSS/USS Valuation
26-03-2011Press release on online registration of HSAs for ICT Training
25-03-2011TimeTable for Practical Exam in Vocational Subjects for IED Candidates - 2011
24-03-2011IT Practical Examination for Losers
23-03-2011Mother tongue learning in Kerala - Report and Suggestions Report - Practical Instructions
23-03-2011Final seniority list of Kannada knowing HSA eligible for Promotion as Headmaster for the year 2009-10
23-03-2011Final seniority list of Tamil knowing HSA eligible for Promotion as Headmaster for the year 2009-10s
22-03-2011Group Insurance - Extended table of benefits
20-03-2011Provision for Online Admit Cards for Entrance Examination-2011
20-03-2011FIXATION Ready Reckoner- Prepared by N.P Krishnadas
20-03-2011Pay fixation Excel Program version-3.75, Prepared by
19-03-2011SITC Remuneration Circular - Application Form
19-03-2011Pay fixation Excel Program Prepared by Sudheer, Vandithavalam
19-03-2011Degree of Tripple Main as alternative qualification for High School Assistant-accepted -Orders issued
19-03-2011B.Ed degree in LIFE SCIENCE equated to B.Ed degree in NATURAL SCIENCE- Orders issued
19-03-2011KGTE Printing Technology Practical Results - 2011
18-03-2011Pension Revision Order
18-03-2011list of Semis codes for school Mapping for All Districts
18-03-2011SEMIS Codes Ernakulam - Trissur - Palakkad
15-03-2011SEMIS DCF(Data Capturing Format)for the year 2010-11
11-03-2011Group Insurance Scheme - Extended table of benefits to the Group Insurance Scheme
10-03-2011SSLC EXAM-2011 Concession CWSN Students(Third List)
10-03-2011Salary disbursement according to codel provisions
10-03-2011TTC Admission Ticket - 2011
10-03-2011LP-UP Annual Examination Time Table-March 2011
10-03-2011State Level NTS Examination 2010-11 Result
10-03-2011TTC Exam Concession to CWSN March 2011
10-03-2011Details about SSLC Valuation Duty
09-03-2011Appointment of Aided School Teachers - Detailed Clarification
09-03-2011Priority of 43 Claimants over 51A in Aided Schools ("New Schools")- Clarification
09-03-2011IT@School Project - Right to Information Act 2005 - Appointment of Appellate Authority
09-03-2011ICT Education in STD IX Circular
07-03-2011Guidelines for procurement of Computers and Hardware for schools using MP/MLA/LSG funds – Revised order
05-03-2011Basic Facilities in Schools - Letter from DPI
05-03-2011SSLC 2001 : Order and List of CWSN Students Eligible for exam concession (Second List)
05-03-2011Pay Revision in Universities
03-03-2011Pay Revision Order G.O/(P) No. 85/2011/Fin dated, 26/02/2011
28-02-2011Time Table for UP-LP (HS attached)
28-02-2011SSLC 2011 - Blank ICR Form
28-02-2011Application Form for Assistant Examiner - TTC 2011
26-02-2011EKM DEO Urgent Mail about the required Toilet and Urinals
25-02-2011DPI circular about Transfer And Postings
25-02-2011Final Seniority list of HSAs for the period from 01/01/1991 to 31/12/1996 Order - Final seniority list of HSA
24-02-2011Guidelines for procurement of Computers and Hardware for schools using MP/MLA/LSG funds – Orders revised
24-02-2011SSLC March 2011 - concession granted to CWSN under IED
24-02-2011List of IED Students for all Districts for SSLC 2011
23-02-2011ICT textbook for standard 9 : Malayalam - English - Tamil
23-02-2011S.S.L.C 2010 -'11 - Blank Hall Ticket
23-02-2011Directions to the Chief Superintendents about SSLC Examination
23-02-2011Attendance and Acquittance models for SSLC IT Exam
23-02-2011LSS/USS exams & Screening test - Common Instructions
22-02-2011LSS-USS admissible Expenditure
22-02-2011KASEPF PROFORMA 4 & 5 (Prepared by Soman Master, Sadgamaya)
21-02-2011Provisional seniority list of Kannada Knowing HSAs eligible for promotion as Headmaster for the year 2009-10
21-02-2011Income Tax Statement (for all) - Form No 16 (If Tax deducted at source on Salary)
21-02-2011SSLC IT Practical Exam Manual
19-02-2011Notification for Civil Services Examination 2011
19-02-2011Time Table for TTC Model Examination 2011
19-02-2011ICT Scheme -Generator wiring diagram
19-02-2011Total Physical Fitness Programme : Students Qualified for 2nd Phase Testing Ernakulam - Aluva - Moovattupuzha -Kothamangalam
19-02-2011Circular from Text book officer about online indenting
18-02-2011Salary Revised for Recognised Un-aided Schools
17-02-2011Inculcate Scholarship Scheme 2010-11 : List of Students Selected
16-02-2011Circular - Special Allowance to Officers involved in money transaction and those engaged for Treasury duty
14-02-2011Circular from Text book Officer about online indent
14-02-2011Ernakulam District ICT Distribution Time Schedules: Aluva - ErnakulamMuvattupuzha
14-02-2011Circular on SSLC I.T Practical Examination 2010 - '11
14-02-2011B.Ed Training Course 2011-2012-Circular and Application
14-02-2011TTC Course 2011-2012 -Circular and Application form
14-02-2011Circular about Diploma in Language education(Arabic,Urudu)& Application form: General Quota - Departmental Quota
14-02-2011Diploma in Language Education(Hindi) Course under Departmental Quota 2011-2012-Circular and Application form
12-02-2011Show Cause Notice to Aided School Managers on providing basic facilities in schools
11-02-2011IT Practical Annual exam 2011 for STD VIII & IX
11-02-2011SSLC -2011 Hall Ticket download - reg;
11-02-2011ICT Distribution to Schools - Ernakulam District (Full)
10-02-2011Budget Speech Malyalam - English
10-02-2011Budget In Brief Part A - Part B - Part C
10-02-2011Annual Plan 2011-12 Introduction - pages 1 to 193 - Pages 194-429
10-02-2011Online Transfer of HM / AEO Circular DPI 01-02-2011
10-02-2011SSLC 2011-Circular for CWSN Students
09-02-2011Laptop to teachers - Price- clerical mistake rectified-Circular
09-02-2011Availing Maternity Leave in different spell - Clrification issued
08-02-2011DPI Circular on Transfer and Postings 2011-2012
08-02-2011Holiday for Milad-e-Sherieff (Regularization of Holiday-order issued)
06-02-2011Directions about the wiring for 3 KVA Online UPS
06-02-2011USS / LSS Consolidation Sheet
05-02-2011Order - Degree of Tripple Main as alternative qualification for HSA - Accepted-
03-02-2011Income Tax Statement Preparation program in Malayalam - Prepared by BABU. V.A, Commerce Teacher, KNMVHSS Vatanappally
03-02-2011Laptop/Netbook Roadshow Details
02-02-2011Higher Secondary Exam- March 2011-Guidelines for submitting applications for Grace marks-regarding.
02-02-2011The Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths Programme (JENESYS)
01-02-2011SSLC Exam 2011-Instructions to cheif/deputy supdt
31-01-2011SSA Circular about Literary workshop 2010-11
31-01-2011Duty time arrangement of staffs deputed for Census work.
31-01-2011DPI Circular about TPA Account
29-01-2011LSS/USS exams & Screening test - Common Instructions
29-01-2011GPAI Scheme; extension of the time limit for joining the scheme
29-01-2011Full DEO with AEO, Society & Schoolls List for indenting of Textbooks for 2011-2012
29-01-2011Income Tax Calculator 2010-2011 prepared by V.Muraleedharan, Sree Neelakanta Govt. Sanskrit College, Pattambi
28-01-2011Excel Program for the preparation of Arrear DA (16%) Prepared by Prasanth P S, HSST (English), Govt: HSS Punnamoodu (1038), Thiruvananthapuram - 20
28-01-2011Applications invited for enrolment as Assistant Superintendents/Invigilators (External) for PSC Examinations Press Release -Details and Application Form
26-01-2011Circular & directions for General transfer of Junior Superintendents ; date extended to Feb 5
25-01-2011Treasury Fixed Deposits; rates of interest revised
25-01-2011DPI Circular on Milk supply
25-01-2011Instalation guide-SSLC 2011 Model IT Practical Examination
24-01-2011SSLC 2011 Model IT Practical Exam
23-01-2011Income Tax Deduction from salaries during 2010-2011
22-01-2011Annual Examination 2011 - Time Table
22-01-2011SSLC Model Exam Time Table February 2011
21-01-2011USS/LSS Question Paper Statement 2011
21-01-2011Circular on Grace Marks(Sports)
20-01-2011PSC News: From 1st March 2011, Candidates have to prove their identity in the PSC examination hall with proper documents
19-01-2011Final version of "The Kerala Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules 2010 as on 14.01.2011
19-01-2011IT@School Circular about Laptop and Netbook for Teachers - Malayalam - English
19-01-2011DPI Circular on Spark Implementation
18-01-201116% increase in DA ordered
18-01-2011Circular about the CE monitoring for STD VIII , IX
18-01-2011Day off for night duty in SSLC dates
18-01-2011Performa to be submitted by ERNAKULAM Ednl.Dist. SITC's on SSLC IT Practical
18-01-2011Prospectus for Kerala Engineering And Medical Entrance Exam 2011
18-01-2011Time Table for Kerala Engineering And Medical Entrance Exam 2011
18-01-2011Notification for Kerala Engineering And Medical Entrance Exam 2011English - Malayalam
18-01-2011How Normalization of marks is done
18-01-2011List of Post Offices from where Application Forms are sold List in English - List in Malayalam
18-01-2011Entrance Exam: GO about the Prospectus for Admission to Professional Degree Courses 2011
18-01-2011Entrance Exam: Normalization Committee Expansion
18-01-2011Entrance Exam Reforms for Engineering stream
17-01-2011State Kalolsavam 2011 - Updated Program Notice
17-01-2011Premetric scholarship 2010 -11 Fresher List - Renewal list
17-01-2011DPI Circular about the transfer of Ministerial staff (Gazetted)
16-01-2011Venue of State SRG Training Centers
16-01-2011Notification-Arabic Teachers Examination April 2011
14-01-2011State IT Fest Results: HS Section - HSS Section
14-01-2011Crediting of DA Arrears to PF Accounts - Time limit extended
14-01-2011Observance of Palliative Care Day
14-01-2011Circular on C.E Score SSLC 2010-'11
13-01-2011Portions avoided for SSLC Examination 2010 -11
11-01-2011State IT Fest - Program notice
11-01-2011Samsung ML1640 PRINTER - Refilling Instructions
11-01-2011Canon Lide 100 Scanner Driver for Ubuntu
09-01-2011Laptop for Teachers - Draft Concept Note English Malayalam
08-01-2011State Sasthramela - Overall Results
07-01-2011USS/LSS Notification 2010- 11 Registration Form
07-01-2011GPF Calculator Version 2.2 (Excel Program prepared by Ajayakumar, Head clerk Mullasserry block, Trichur)
06-01-2011Employees Leaving the Country for Visiting Children - Guidelines Issued
06-01-2011Voluntary retirement and Invalid Pension - Allowance of weightage on unification of date of retirement - Orders issued.
06-01-2011State Work Experience Fair UP Results
05-01-20119th Pay Commission Report (Updated)
05-01-2011Manual for Kerala State Special School Kalothsavam
04-01-2011Circular for ACE/AE of SSLC - 2011
04-01-2011General Instruction for ACE/AE of SSLC-2011 Application Filling
01-01-2011Muslim Girls - Nadar Scholarship 2011
01-01-2011Application for the National Award for Teachers for use of ICT in Education - Instructions
01-01-2011Regularisation order: Leave Sanctioned on the National strike dated 07-09-2010
01-01-2011Ration Rice to Noon Meal Cooks in Schools

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അക്ഷരം അക്ഷരപ്പാട്ട് അക്ഷരമുറ്റം അധ്യാപകന്‍ അനുഷ്ഠാനകലകള്‍ അമൃതം അവധി എല്ലാ അധ്യാപകരും വായിച്ചിരിക്കേണ്ട ഒരു കത്ത്‌ ഒരുമയുടെ ആഘോഷം കടങ്കഥകൾ കഥകളി കവിത കുട്ടിക്കവിതകൾ കുട്ടിപ്പുര കൃഷിച്ചൊല്ലുകൾ ക്വിസ് ഗണിത ഗാനം ചോക്കുപൊടി തമാശ താരയുടെ വീട് ദിനാചരണം നമ്മുടെ കലകൾ നാടൻ‌കളി നാടോടിപ്പാട്ട് നൃത്തരൂപങ്ങൾ പക്ഷികൾ പഠനോപകരണങ്ങള്‍ പരിസരപഠനം പഴങ്ങൾ പഴഞ്ചൊല്ലുകൾ പൂക്കളെ അറിയാം പ്രതിജ്ഞ പ്രശ്നോത്തരി മണവും മധുരവും മത്സ്യങ്ങൾ മലയാളത്തിളക്കം മഹിതം മഴ മഴപഴംഞ്ചൊല്ലുകള്‍ മഴമേളം മുരളി കണ്ട കഥകളി രാമായണം ലഘുകുറിപ്പ് വയൽ വർണ്ണന വായനാദിനം വീട് നല്ല വീട് ശ്രദ്ധിക്കേണ്ട കാര്യങ്ങൾ സംസ്ഥാനങ്ങൾ സസ്യങ്ങൾ