Second Term Examination Timetable Kerala Teachers Eligibility Test NOTIFICATION November 2017.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Govt Orders from 01-6-2010 to 02-08-2010

02-08-2010School Parliament Election 2010 : Special order for the schools following Muslim Calendar
02-08-2010School Parliament Election 2010-2011
01-08-2010Salary & Allowances of August, 2010 : Early disbursement in connection with onam festival
31-07-2010Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan (RMSA) Frame Work for Implementation
30-07-2010GPF Calculator-2010 prepared by R.Ajayakumar,Head Clerk,Block Office,Mullasserry,Thrissur
29-07-2010Staff Fixation 2010-11 : Date extended to 14-8-2010 Gazatte Nofification
28-07-2010State NTS Examination 2010 CIRCULAR - Application form
27-07-2010SSLC revaluation results - Third Spell
26-07-2010protected teachers to be served in Juvenile homes
26-07-2010An old order allowing Aided schools to draw the required amount to join ICT Scheme from Special fee accumulated balance etc.
25-07-2010Short listed books - 1000 books for 1000 School Libraries: Circular - School List - List of Books - Essential Books - Venue of Exhibition
24-07-2010Link for Edusoft package CD image for SGL Lenny 3.8
23-07-2010General Education Year plan : Standard X - Standard IX - Standard VIII
23-07-2010Important instructions to implement ICT in schools reg
23-07-2010Circular about Inspire Award :2009-2010 Directions about State/District Level Exibition
22-07-2010Government Order about the sanctionong of new Higher Secondary Schools
22-07-2010DPI circular about Science/maths/Social & other club formation in schools
21-07-2010HSE : Directions for the implementation of ICT in Higher secondary schools
21-07-2010Questionaire for finding the best PTA from the schools in Kerala State
19-07-2010Pre-matric Scholarship 2010-11 - extension of date of Pre Matric Scholarship 2010-2011
19-07-2010DPI circular about the 30 days English Teachers' Training at Banglore
19-07-2010Inspire award : Distribution of Demand Draft for the selected stuents
17-07-2010Seminar Cum Exhibition being organized by Institute of Sciecntific Research & Training, TVM
17-07-2010EKM DDE :T.T.C Admission 2010 - Second Allotment & Interview Notification
16-07-2010HSE Department : Display of Guidelines about the Tobacco free Schools/Educational Institutions
15-07-2010DA/DR increased to 78%; Orders Issued
15-07-2010Noon Meal Program: Egg Distribution Poultry Development Corporation as Agency
15-07-2010Noon Meal Program: E-Banking for contingent charge distribution
13-07-2010Advertisement for National Talent Search Examination 2011 - Application Form 2011 - Learn about the test
13-07-2010List of Candidates Selected For Interview (NTSE 2010)
13-07-2010Report of the committee for revamping scholarship schemes
11-07-2010Higher Secondary Education : Vacancies for Supplementary Allotment for plus one admission
10-07-2010Income Tax deduction from Salaries under section 192 of the Income tax act 1961 During the financial year 2009-10
10-07-2010Income Tax return - Saral-II (ITR 1) form - Word format
10-07-2010Finance : Income Tax; e-tutorial on TDS provisions - Format of forms
10-07-2010Ernakulam DDE Circular : regarding the Training on SPARK for UP/LP Section
09-07-2010DPI Circular about the appointment of teachers instead of the teachers who selected in OSS Team
09-07-2010Inculcate Scholarship 2010-2011 - Application for screening Test
08-07-2010Set 2010 Exam Result & Directions to collect the Certificate for winners
08-07-2010HSE : School Transfer & Supplementary Allotment Instruction
08-07-2010Secondary-Higher secondary Exam-2011
 -- Model Score Sheet
07-07-2010Higher Secondary Education : Marginal Increase of Unaided Plus one seats
07-07-2010A Help file to share Printer on Ubuntu
06-07-2010Premetric Scholarship 2010-2011 : Circular for Headmasters - Circular for AEO/DEO - Consolidation Proforma
06-07-2010Proposals invited for Inspire award : 2010 - 2011
06-07-2010Ernakulam Revenue Distirct : Name of Inspire Award winners for the year 2009-2010
04-07-2010Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala (SPARK) EMPLOYEE DATA SHEET
03-07-2010Election for Sub district & District Sports Secretaries for the current accademic year
02-07-2010Teachers engaged in Enumeration/Census duty etc - Treating of the period as duty sanctioned
02-07-2010DPI Circular about Prof. Joseph Mundassery memorial Literature award 2009 - Inviting articles from teachers
01-07-2010Higher Secondary Education : Purchase of A3 Printers for the implementation of SPARK
01-07-2010School Management and Development committee formation in all Schools
01-07-2010Scholarship to Muslim/Nadar Girl Students in UP & HS Classes - Enhancement of the Scholarship amount and Parental Income
01-07-2010Scholarship to Muslim/Nadar Girls students
01-07-2010Muslim/Nadar/ Anglo indian/OBC Girls Scholarship : A correction & Clarification in the above circular
01-07-2010Circular about the Scholarship of Muslim /Nadar /OBC/Anglo indian girls (BPL) for 2010-11 (previous)
01-07-2010GO about the Muslim-Nadar-Anglo Indian-OBC Scholarship (previous)
01-07-2010DPI Circular about Muslim/Nadar/Anglo-Indian/OBC/LSS/USS/National Scholarships 2009-2010(previous)
30-06-2010Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education - for SC/ST students in Standard IX - Proforma
29-06-2010SSLC March 2010 - Revaluation Result - New Scheme (II nd Spell) - (Click here for I spell result)
29-06-2010Purchase of IXth Standard Hand books by Using Special fees
29-06-2010Admission/Examination in Govt. recognised schools-Time limit extension-Order
29-06-2010Proforma for Collecting the number of students in minority schools (Form-2)
29-06-2010Ernakulam DEO circular about State level Vidyaramgam Reading Competition
29-06-2010High School Teachers/Teacher Trainers attending
30 days Teacher Development Programme in ELT, Banglore
28-06-2010Government Assistance for Pre-Primary employees -Order
28-06-2010Circular about TPFP (Total Physical Fitness Programme) for the accademic year 2010-2011
28-06-2010GO about Waiting for posting; Instructions to avoid delay in giving posting orders
28-06-2010Ernakulam : One day Verification 2010-11 - Name of selected teachers & Training Centers
28-06-2010DPI Circular : Clarification of above Circular About Green Gram distribution in Noon meal Program
28-06-2010DPI Circular about Noon Feeding program for the year 2010-2011 - Instructions (Previous)
28-06-2010DPI Circular on NOON FEEDING program in Govt/Aided Schools (Previous)
27-06-2010Ernakulam Revenue District: LSS Scholarship result announced
27-06-2010Ernakulam Revenue District: USS Scholarship result announced
25-06-2010Ernakulam DEO : Collection and remittance of Festival fund & Athletic Fund 2010-11
25-06-2010EKM DEO : Proforma for the workshop at Artistic, Edappally on 29/6/2010, 10 am (below 75% Result in SSLC-March 2010)
25-06-2010DPI Cirular published about the State School Work Experience Club & Download Details
25-06-2010Student Police Cadet wing : - Implementation in Schools
24-06-20103 KVA Online UPS installation (Prepared by Mathayi, MT, Kasargode)
23-06-2010GO about Leave Without Allowance - service book enclosing reg
23-06-2010GO about Leave Without Allowance taken for teacher training purpose
23-06-2010Application form & directions about the Teachers Award 2010-11
23-06-2010GO about the implementaion of Student Police Cadet wing in Schools
23-06-2010Revision of the prices of the Teachers Day stamps, coupns & car stickers sanctioned
23-06-2010Proforma for Renewal of National Scholarship for talentd Children from Rural Areas 2010-11
22-06-2010Circular - IED & IEDSS -Medical Assessment Camp -2010-11
22-06-2010Ernakulam District TTC Admission : Directions & list of students
21-06-2010DPI Circular about Energy Management : to reduce the misuse of energy
21-06-2010Muslim/Nadar/ Anglo indian/OBC Girls Scholarship : A correction & Clarification in the above circular
21-06-2010June 19-25 "Vayanaavaram" - Celebration for the promotion of reading habit
21-06-2010DPI Circular about the Subscription of Thalir Magazine
21-06-2010Proforma for the details of Group Insurance (GIS) Accounts of Employees
20-06-2010Government Order about the Termination of shift arrangements in Schools
18-06-2010Issued orders in respect of merging Personal Pay and Stagnation Increments with the pay
18-06-2010DPI Circular & EKM DEO Circular: Purchase of Two specified Library books for Govt/Aided Schools
18-06-2010DPI Circular about the indent of Text books and directions for problem solving
17-06-2010HSE Admission : GO about the Special notification for the SC/ST new application & Sports Quota Admission
17-06-2010Higher Secondary admission : GO about the School transfer
17-06-2010GO about Higher Secondary Admission for CWSN students & age limit to the Admission
17-06-2010National means-cum-merit scholarship 2010-2011 - NMMS Selection List 2009
17-06-2010EKM DEO : Format for National Means-Cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme - 8th NOVEMBER 2009 Exam Student details
17-06-2010EKM DEO Circular about the ban of Mobile Phone & formation of Surprise Inspection Squad
17-06-2010General Education Circular about the ban of Mobile Phones in School - Strict Instructions issued
16-06-2010An important circular on Textbooks by DPI - Proforma (PDF) Proforma (Excel)
15-06-2010Pre-Matric Sholarship for the year 2010-11 Notification - Application Form
15-06-2010Government have issued further instructions in respect of furnishing applications for HBA 2010-11
13-06-2010A Handbook for HSS Principals by SIEMAT
10-06-2010Area notification of Un-Aided schools - Notification - Erratum Notification
10-06-2010Pre-primary teachers' training
10-06-2010SET 2010 Answer Keys
10-06-2010An oath on CHILD LABOUR to be taken on school assembly on 11/06/2010
09-06-2010Leave Without Allowance under Appendix XIIA; restrictions imposed
09-06-2010General Education – Inviting applications for permission to start Higher Secondary Courses in Govt./Aided High Schools
08-06-2010SSLC Revaluation Results 2010 Published
07-06-2010DPI Circular: organisation of Vidyarangam Kala Sahithya vedi in Schools
06-06-2010DPI Circular: Vidyarangam Kala Sahithya vedi arranged Competitions for teachers
03-06-2010Protected Teacher's List(All Districts)
03-06-2010SSLC SAY Results
03-06-2010Sixth Working Day Strength Form
03-06-2010Vayanadinam Quiz Competition
03-06-2010Reading competition-State Library Council
01-06-2010Circular for setting up of a committee to monitor Textbook distribution

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